My 20% Accomplishments

One thing we accomplished in our 20% project is sending our e-mail. We sent our e-mail to Mr. Novak for permission to use the Gray Middle School field. We are going to use that for our football camp field for the kids. Another thing we have accomplished i making fliers so people can see them and think about coming to our football camp. When people do come to our football camp we will do drills and have lots of fun.


By December we are hoping to get a mentor because we cant start our project without one. The mentor we are tiring to get has not yet responded.

making the connection
                                                                          Bill Dickinson via Compfight


My Favorites

One of my favorite things is sports. My favorite type of sport is football. I love it because I love the rush and how fast it goes. When you do play you have to be prepared because in football you are going to get tackled. Football has a lot of  pressure to it when your coaches yell.

Another favorite I have is basketball. I think it is a really cool sport. My favorite team is the Boston Celtics. I like the Celtics because they have one of my favorite player on there team. The one player I’m talking about is  Kyrie Irving. Another one of my favorite players is John Wall. Wall plays for the Washington Wizards.

the last favorite thing that I like is physical education or P.E.. I love physical things if you haven’t noticed. I love the subject because you get to do fun things like doge ball which is really fun.

basketball going through the hoop franchiseCreative Commons License opportunities via Compfight

Christmas is around The World

 Christmas Tree at City Center - Limassol, Cyprus                                                                                           Andreas Komodromos via Compfight 

Christmas is a wonderful holiday. A lot of people celebrate it, but some people can’t because they don’t have enough money but a lot of people give the poor kids what they want and need,which is good,. Christmas is also when we celebrate Jesus birthday.

The American way to usually celebrate Christmas is to put up a tree and St. Nick or Santa puts presents under the tree and the next morning you open the presents and you have toys and cloth. Then you spend time with your money.

In Mexico, people usually celebrate Christmas is by children getting candles. The children sing songs to houses or friends, and if there is no room in the house they have to leave. Eventually there would be a house where they are welcome. When they are done saying prayers they eat, play, and watch fireworks.

How Japan celebrates Christmas is by spreading happiness. There Christmas is like our valentines day. Usually couples spend time with each other. Fried chicken is usually eaten on japans Christmas, mostly at KFC or what they call it on Christmas Kentucky for Christmas. Christmas is not a National holiday for Japan.


My 20% project

The meaning of our project is important, we are donating money to a cancer charity. Which may save someone’s life, and that is a huge deal.

I am feeling a lot of pride towards this project because I want to help the people that have cancer, and make them feel better. I am also pumped about it because I want to teach the kids about football so in a way we are doing two things at a time. Another feeling I have for this project is happy because I love the sound of this project and I want to get right to it.

Major goals I want to accomplish is to donate the money that we get to a charity. Another major goal I have is to get the kids to learn how to play football. I am going to donate money to a charity by earning money from the football camp. It will be $10 a child. I will get kids to learn football by teaching the kids how. What I am hoping, by the end of November, the fliers get attract people to want to come.

See my visual aide for more information.

My Daily Routine

A Bed and a Door | Südbahn Hotel, Semmering                                                                               Chris Feichtner via Compfight 

My daily routine is very simple. I wake up then get dressed. After that I brush my teeth then I lay down on the couch trying not to fall asleep while watching the clock go by. Then when it is around 6:52 I go out side to my bus stop and sit there and wait for a few more minutes. When the bus arrives I get on and usually sit with one of my friends. usually the bus gets to school in about 6 minutes. When we get off I walk to the gym and sit with more of my friends. Then finally its time to go to our homeroom, which is sadly on the opposite side of school, when we get there we have to go on this Spanish website called resseta stone. When the morning announcements come on we say the pledge they tell us about stuff and more, but after that it is time to go to first period, and my first period is science, usually I have to wake up more to go to science and when I get to science I’m as tiered as a sloth. The next period I have is PBL. PBL is where you work on other subjects. Then I have social studies which I think is cool. Then there’s my 4th period,  math witch inset that bad but still, its math. After that theirs language arts which I am good at but I’m not bad as well. Then, the best part of school, theirs lunch! After lunch theirs Spanish, and after Spanish there’s historical arts. Then it time to go back on the bus. When I get off I go home do my homework, take a shower, brush my teeth, then go to bed. Then I do it all again.  


My school years are always fun because I like going somewhere and getting out of the house. In my free time I love to play with my friends or draw. School is going good for me so far I am making a lot of new friends and having lots of fun. My favorite season is defiantly fall because I love all the leaves on the ground, but this fall it is super cold.


The problem I want to solve when I get out of school is to help my dad get a house. I am going to help my dad by dad by doing this. My plan is to not waste anything and eat less.

I am going to accomplish this by helping my dad a lot more. I am going to help him by doing a lot more chores like helping feeding the bearded dragons. another way to help him is by not wasting food and eat less because I like to eat a lot.


if I was principal for a month I would let the kids play outside more often because they would probably need more physical time.

If I was teacher for a month I would   give less homework not to much but like one assimante per day.



The Big Boom

Image result for imagesstars and stripes”

It was a beautiful day sun out gun fires going off wait WHAT! Timmy woke up then he got out of his tent before you could say the word red! he saw a grenade right between his feet. Timmy ran then leaped! The grenade went off. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!  Timmy’s foot, it was gone! He limped then after a few minutes, he passed out.  When he woke up everything was silent, to silent, so silent he began to get annoyed. Then he sat up and stared at his leg beginning to cry, but refusing to. he looked to his right. there were flowers, a window, and a small TV. To his left there was a door, a window leading to a hallway and more flowers.

Then the door flew open. I was confused. What appears to be the medic came in screaming “He’s OK He’s OK!” to the other medics. Come to think of it I think she dropped the tray when she was coming in with. I asked her “Umm mam do you know what happened to my leg?” . She sat down, “A grenade happened. It blew off your foot.” I sighed. I tried to get up but the medic told me not to and I agreed. Weeks past, what felt like years, and I got more sad and more sad siting there watching my foot, watching the window. every once in I while I will cry then I was better I had went out of the hospital. I took a deep breath. Then I stroll down the street. I looked both ways. not a car in site. when I was in the middle of the rode I stopped I don’t know why but i did. Then i saw a speeding down the rode. It was heading right for me then…

What do you think happened?

Activity B

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari                                           Dave Wilson via Compfight


Lewis Hamilton, USGP 2017 Winner                                         Dave Wilson via Compfight

Forza Horizon 3 / Aston Martin DB11Creative Commons License                             Stefans02 via Compfight

Forza Horizon 3 / The RearCreative Commons License                           Stefans02 via Compfight

Checkered Grunge FlagCreative Commons License                                Nicolas Raymond via CompfightCreative Commons License

The Hunting Hawk

Activity A

I’m doing research on attributions and licenses. From this, I have learned that it is a really big deal when you or someone else copies an image that’s not free on the web. It’s like stealing someone else’s work, and would be plagiarism. I wondered how people could get caught and I found out that sometimes they don’t, but I believe it is better to be safe then sorry, and to do the right thing! This information is helpful in my future with blogging and webpages, which are everywhere. This is important because if you don’t leave attributions, you can get sued and in a lot of trouble for copywriting. Which would not be good! I am confident with attributions by making sure to add a link and name to give credit to the person/company.


Activity B

“Red-tailed hawk hunting” by: Graham Owen

as the hawk is hungry

He spy’s its prey

                                                         wishing for supper

in the deep woods

surrounded by trees

as the beautiful animal soars through the wind

                                                 as the hawk catches his food

the hawk has a full belly and sleeps peacefully


















The Mysterious Lizard. Free Choice Post

Dragon Sale!                                                                 Kurt Bauschardt via Compfight       

Bearded dragons are mysterious animals. They’re also my favorite lizard, and I have two of them as pets. They are one of my favorite lizards because of their cool spikes all over their body. The lizards I have can be pretty lazy. Their names are Zilla and Peaches.

Bearded dragons usually like to eat a lot once a day. They eat crickets, fruits, and vegetables. Mine live in a big tank we bought for them. Their environment is in the dessert so we have to put a red light above the tank to keep them comfortable. We also have sand in their tank so they can feel like its home. I make sure they have things to climb on too, like a fake tree branch.

If you ever get a bearded dragon as a pet, you have to really take care of them. You’re going to have to water them every once and a while throughout the day. And if they keep licking the water, that means you keep spraying. You want to feed them everyday, with little crickets when they are small and bigger crickets as the dragons get bigger. When the lizards get bigger you start to notice they eat more and more. You need to have a little tub of water in there for when they need to cool off. Every once in awhile you need to put clean water into their bath tub, make sure it is room temperature too.

So that wraps it up. There is all about my bearded dragons, and what you need to take care of them. And also, why they are so cool to have as pets! So, see you later!


Comment Challenge

For the comment challenge, I choose to comment on Tristan’s blog and this is why. Tristan is one of my really good friend and I could not do any  body else. I also choose it because it was a good comment.

I relate to Tristan by having messy hair. We also like to ride bikes/scooters. the last thing we both are is athletic.

The reason I left this comment on Tristan’s post is because he is my good friend and I wanted to let him know he did swell on his avatar post. I liked what he said about his messy hair because my hair is the same way. I asked him if he wants blue glasses because he mentioned that he doesn’t have them. I think they would be cool.

Here is the comment I left on Tristan’s avatar post.

Hi Tristan! I really like your avatar post. I think it is unique because he really does look just like you! I can relate to your messy hair a lot because mine is always messy too. Do you want to get some blue glasses?




Me in virtual life

Hi, my name is Mason and this is how my avatar represents me. This avatar represents me by how I love football and how I play and watch it. The avatar also represents me by my hair, how it is brown and it sometimes parts to the side. Another way my avatar represents me is how he is wearing sunglasses and I wear sunglasses all the time. I like to wear them everywhere I go, besides school. It also represents me by how his eyebrows are black or dark and how I have really bushy eyebrows. The last way my avatar represents me is by how he is wearing, a orange jersey, which can tell you that I play for the NKY Bengals.

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