The Mysterious Lizard. Free Choice Post

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Bearded dragons are mysterious animals. They’re also my favorite lizard, and I have two of them as pets. They are one of my favorite lizards because of their cool spikes all over their body. The lizards I have can be pretty lazy. Their names are Zilla and Peaches.

Bearded dragons usually like to eat a lot once a day. They eat crickets, fruits, and vegetables. Mine live in a big tank we bought for them. Their environment is in the dessert so we have to put a red light above the tank to keep them comfortable. We also have sand in their tank so they can feel like its home. I make sure they have things to climb on too, like a fake tree branch.

If you ever get a bearded dragon as a pet, you have to really take care of them. You’re going to have to water them every once and a while throughout the day. And if they keep licking the water, that means you keep spraying. You want to feed them everyday, with little crickets when they are small and bigger crickets as the dragons get bigger. When the lizards get bigger you start to notice they eat more and more. You need to have a little tub of water in there for when they need to cool off. Every once in awhile you need to put clean water into their bath tub, make sure it is room temperature too.

So that wraps it up. There is all about my bearded dragons, and what you need to take care of them. And also, why they are so cool to have as pets! So, see you later!


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