The Hunting Hawk

Activity A

I’m doing research on attributions and licenses. From this, I have learned that it is a really big deal when you or someone else copies an image that’s not free on the web. It’s like stealing someone else’s work, and would be plagiarism. I wondered how people could get caught and I found out that sometimes they don’t, but I believe it is better to be safe then sorry, and to do the right thing! This information is helpful in my future with blogging and webpages, which are everywhere. This is important because if you don’t leave attributions, you can get sued and in a lot of trouble for copywriting. Which would not be good! I am confident with attributions by making sure to add a link and name to give credit to the person/company.


Activity B

“Red-tailed hawk hunting” by: Graham Owen

as the hawk is hungry

He spy’s its prey

                                                         wishing for supper

in the deep woods

surrounded by trees

as the beautiful animal soars through the wind

                                                 as the hawk catches his food

the hawk has a full belly and sleeps peacefully


















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