My 20% project

The meaning of our project is important, we are donating money to a cancer charity. Which may save someone’s life, and that is a huge deal.

I am feeling a lot of pride towards this project because I want to help the people that have cancer, and make them feel better. I am also pumped about it because I want to teach the kids about football so in a way we are doing two things at a time. Another feeling I have for this project is happy because I love the sound of this project and I want to get right to it.

Major goals I want to accomplish is to donate the money that we get to a charity. Another major goal I have is to get the kids to learn how to play football. I am going to donate money to a charity by earning money from the football camp. It will be $10 a child. I will get kids to learn football by teaching the kids how. What I am hoping, by the end of November, the fliers get attract people to want to come.

See my visual aide for more information.

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