About Me

I am very athletic and basic. I can do lots of things like doge ball but there are things I cant do like eat eggs. Although I can eat fish sticks all day! One of my favorite NFL team is the New York Giants. I always try to be happy as much as possible. There is a new movie called IT that I really want to see. Another thing that I like to do is jump on the trampoline. A kitchen is the best way to make food. My favorite animal is defiantly a mountain lion. My name is Mason. I am very nice. I really love orange chicken, it is my favorite food! Another one of my cravings is pickles. My sister is totally not quiet. I don’t have a interest in rockets. My sis likes to stomp in the mud a lot. When I get older I want to drive a truck. I hear a lot about this thing called uber. I call my grandma mamaw vicky. My cousins name is Wyatt. I don’t like Xavier. I am still young. I think zebras are nice and cool.

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